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-Take time to think
it is the source of your power
-Take time to play
it is the secret of your youth
-Take time to read
it is the foundation of your knowledge
-Take time to dream
it will take you to the starts
-Take time to laugh
it really is your best medicine
-Take time to exercise
it will give you energy and good health
-Take time to reach out to others
it will give your life significance and meaning
-Take time to yell English
it will build your confidence and enhance your personal power
I know you’re going to make it
It many take time and hard work
It may take some sweat and tears
I believe you will make it,if you try.
Whatever you do,Just don’t give up.
Your dream will come true.
Real Word
A student college named Muhamad Siregar
he inspiration me for make this article because him my friend in one of social network,honestly i meet him in social network too at night. honestly we are often chatting but he often hungry too at night. that’s not problem for me. He is my Bestfriend :D
A College can be a inspiration
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